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Privacy Policy

Jionewoffer takes the privacy issues seriously, and the privacy of our visitors is very important to us.  We (Jionewoffer) do not use personal information of the users for any purpose, other than for the newsletters that we send, only if the user chooses to receive them.
Giving your information on our website while subscribing to newsletter, commenting on our pages is needed and if you choose to provide us your details, we do not use this information. It is though, obligatory to provide your email address while commenting on the website so as to verify that you are a human. 
Following are the advertising networks that we use for the monetization and other purposes, and you may visit the Privacy policy pages of the websites to understand it better.
Google –
Where should we use your information
We can and would use the information that you provide, to do the following (only if applicable):
Send you regular newsletters, information about products on timely basis
We can contact you any time for any account related contacting, if at all you have an account registered with us
We can contact you if you won a prize in any contest held by us
We may use the information to modify our advertisements and content but it won’t affect you in any way
What is a Cookie, and how is it used
While visiting a page on our website, the preferences set by you are stored in a file, called a Cookie. These cookies are used by our advertisers / third party networks to modify the advertisements and understand the user behavior on our website.
You will be asked to accept a cookie, and if you do that, each visit of yours on our website will be identified and the information will be collected for building up statistics and for general use for the advertisers.
There would be no sensitive personal information collected or used by either us, or our advertisers and third party services.
Should you have any issues with our website or the privacy while visiting our website, contact us.

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