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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Download the Jio Video Call app | Best Video Calling App for Jio Phone

Download the Jio Video Call app. Best Video Calling App JioChat for Jio Phone

Head Telecom Reliance Jio is aiming to create the largest 4G network with the best available options. Jio Video Call App is another hint for users to enjoy intimate HD video chat. This Jio Chat video calling app provides free HD video calls with all family and friends. The best part of the app is that it offers file sharing in addition to video calls.
Jio Video Call app
Jio Video Call app for jio phone

How to Install Jio 4G Voice Call App?

Here is the step-by-step process of making video calling in any 4G smartphone from the Jio video call app. This official Reliance Jio video calling app i.e. JioChat provides the best HD voice and video call experience. Surprisingly, this Jio HD video call app has received less attention. So, here's our serious effort to provide a step-by-step guide for Jio video call chat app downloads. Follow our instructions on the downloaded video call app from Jio.
jio video call app for jio phone
Jio video call app for jio phone

Jio Video Call App

Jio Video Call App Download: In fact, the Jio Chat app has launched the approach of Team Jio Developers. The app offers a great deal of Jio video calling, such as Jio exclusive features. Maybe, you'll know better about this after installing the Jio Video call app. Group chat option which allows 5 users to add great voice and video quality. Many users worry about video call tariffs, but this is an old practice. .
The Jio Chat application provides you with free video calls with high quality experience. All you have to do is install the Jio video call app and start making video calls with your friends and family. 

Whether it's local or international, JioChat works great for both voice and video calling.

Steps to install Jio Video calling app: JioChat

Jio Video Calls: The JioChat app is available for download on Apple's App Store or Google Play Store. Users can download it like any other app in a very simple way. Activation is very simple and the process is like any other app install.

Jio Video Calling App

How to video call with JioChat ?

Here we tell you in detail about how to make Jio video calls from your smartphone for free.

  • To make a call, click the '+' menu on the Chats tab.
  • Then click on the video call icon.
  • This will display JioChat
  • To start the call, click the video call icon on the right.
  • In addition, you can click on the profile picture and press the video call icon to start a video call.

If you are in another chat session, click the "Video call" icon on the horizontal menu at the top of the chat window and want to make a video call.

- Previously Chats tab lists the logs of chat that were started with friends first. You can simply select their name on the Chat tab by scrolling or using the search feature and click on the video call icon next to their name.

As the user raises the call, a video chat is started. A small video feed displays your cam capture and the larger one displays the ones you showed.

Note: It is recommended to use 3G or 4G operator network for wireless LAN or WiFi network or calling. Currently, Bluetooth headsets are not supported by JioChat.

The Jio Video Call App is always appreciated by Reliance Jio Network. Enjoy Jio HD video calls with your family and friends instead of any third party application in your Jio Phone.

Jio Chat Video Calling & Voice App

Reliance JioChat enables you to connect with your all contacts through video calls, free audio and text messages. Experience high-efficiency voice and video calls with Jio Chat for your daily communication. In addition, this is an efficient way for messaging, high-quality voice and video conferencing experience.

Top 6 Features of JioChat Application :

  1. Share files of any format, up to 100MB
  2. Stock funny stickers: More than 1000 fun stickers representing different flavors of India
  3. Create a group up to 500 members
  4. Join 5 friends through audio / video conferencing
  5. Create Doodle
  6. You can also choose all major Indian languages

Jio Phone users get exclusive Jio Phone Video Call App for 4G enabled feature phones. Perhaps, the first phone in the segment to get high-quality video calls. However, this feature is somewhat limited because the other user should be a Jio 4G phone user. Nevertheless, this feature is a great option for phone users.

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