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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Which Is Best Music App in India 2019? Jio Music vs Amazon Prime Music

Which Is Best Music App in india 2018
Jio Music vs Amazon Prime Music 2018

Jio Music

Jio Music vs Amazon Prime Music : Jio Music App, formerly known as 'Jio Beats', is one of the fastest growing music online streaming services in India. While the free Jio Welcome offer has a lot to do with the success of Jio Music, however, users have been allowed to download unlimited free music, and there are some points to mention about success. Jio music is also full of features that you often find on other music online streaming services. Radio in Jio Music has support for more than 20 regional Indian languages, which makes a lovely deal because you are also going to use it for free Jio Prime Users.

Jio music online play : Best Music App

While talking about the big picture, nobody knows that it will be like using Jio Music after a few months, because on the basis of current usage, justice is still very quick. However, if Jio continues to offer services as they are doing now, then there is no doubt that Jio Music is giving tough time for other music streaming services for at least a few months.

Key Features of Jio Music : Best online music app

  • Free Unlimited Music Downloads
  • Jio music online play
  • Support for more than 20 regional languages ​​in India.

So far, only one defect appears to be that only users on the Jio 4G network can use this service.
Now when we have a good idea about each of these streaming services, then we should quickly complete all the important facts about each of them so that you can understand them easily and make decisions for yourself.

Amazon Prime Music

On the Rs 999 per year (Rs 83 per month), the Prime subscription gives free one-day delivery to the products purchased from Amazon and unlocks access to Amazon's Music and Video Library - making it a solid alternative for many people. goes.

Sign Up For Free Amazon Prime Music Here

Jio Music vs Amazon Prime Music : Amazon Prime Music has a clean user interface that looks fresh and modern, has been made right in the Alexa app, and this is a very cheap music online streaming service. Amazon India claims that the platform is home to "millions of songs". However, we found the list to be slightly restricted and restricted. For example, there is a lack of any songs from Indie Bands Jump Little Children and High Dive Hart, and only half of the popular discography bands like Penn Masala, and strings are available on Amazon Music.

Key Features of Amazon Prime Music - Best online Music App

  • Amazon's Music and Video Library
  • Play with Alexa app

Apart from this, recommendations are best spotty, and we considered curated playlists extremely basic and primary. Surprisingly, Prime Music allows you to control the quality of the music streamed but there is absolutely no option to control the quality of downloaded music.

Amazon Prime Music App : Best online music app

At present, Prime Music should not be considered as an option of full music streaming service - it has only been compromised in the present situation. However, this is a good add-on for existing Amazon Prime customers and can work as a good complement to your primary streaming service.

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