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Monday, August 6, 2018

Xiaomi Qin AI 4G Phone launched, Details of Xiaomi Qin AI vs JioPhone 2

Xiaomi Qin AI 4G Phone launched, Details of Xiaomi Qin AI vs JioPhone 2.

Xiaomi launched a new feature phone called Qin AI in China. The world is calling it a feature phone but in reality, it is more than just a feature phone. When you imagine a feature phone, what image do you paint in your mind? A phone that can call, has torch and radio - it gets very much in most of the feature phones in India. But Xiaomi's feature phone is breaking conservative methods, which only in India have done.
Xiaomi Qin AI vs JioPhone 2

Xiaomi's Qin AI can call, supports LTE / Volt, runs Android, it has two types and can translate to 17 languages ​​real-time. A feature phone with so many great features! I liked it. Regrettably, the phone is missing anything. Qin AI does not have any camera, neither back nor forth. Qin A1's shipping is scheduled to begin on September 15.

The phone has been launched in China. There is no word on India launch yet. But what happens when the phone finally comes to India? For now, Geophone is the only feature phone that can be compared to it. Of course, till September 15, we will have Jiophone successor - Jiophone 2 - in the market too.

Xiaomi Qin AI 4G Phone launched

Xiaomi recently launched its first 4G LTE feature phone called the Qin AI 4G VoLTE Feature Phone.

If Qin AI is launched in India, it can hardly beat the Jiophone. Jio and Xiaomi both enjoy good fans in India, so it will be interesting to see when two lock horns on the feature phone. Although there is still some time for the final face, let's take a quick look at these two phones to bring them to the table and how different they are on their glasses:

Xiaomi Qin AI 4G LTE vs JioPhone 4G LTE

Display: Xiaomi Qin AI 4G Phone has a 2.8 inch display, while Jiophone has 2.4-inch display. Both phones have a QVGA display TFT display.

Design: There is not much to know about the design of QI AI phone. It is 8.5mm in thickness and is the regular T9 keypad. Geophone also has a T9 keypad. However, high-end models will have a QWERTY keypad in Geophone 2.

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Battery: Qin AI is supported by 1480 mAh battery whereas Jiophone comes with a large battery size of 2000 mAh.

Camera: There is no comparison here. Jeophone comes with a 2 MP camera and a VGA sensor on the rear. There is no camera in Qin AI. Instead, it comes with IR blaster, which you can use to control your home gadgets such as AC and television.

Software: JioPhone runs on Kai OS, which is a fork version of Mozilla while Qin AI Fork is powered by Android OS which is called Mocor 5.

RAM and Storage: Jiophone has 5 GB of RAM with 4 GB internal storage, while Qin AI is 256 MB RAM and 512 MB in storage with one version and 8 MB RAM and another 16 MB internal storage.
JioPhone vs Xiaomi Qin AI

Connectivity: Jiophone supports 4G LTE, Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi. In comparison, Qin AI supports LTE, Volt, and WiFi. There are two models of Qin AI-Qin1 and Qin1s. Qin1is is a 2G-only phone while Qin1s is a 4G phone.

SIM: Jiophone supports a sim and Jiophone 2 comes with Dual SIM support. Xiaomi Qin AI comes with dual SIM support.

Price: JioPhone is effectively free. The buyer has to pay 1500 rupees at the time of purchase, which can be returned after three years. We do not know the cost of QI AI in India, but it has been launched in Yuan 999 in China, which is about Rs 2,000 in India.

Xiaomi Qin AI vs JioPhone 

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