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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Most awaited app Whatsapp Jio phone will be rolled out slowly

Whatsapp Jio phone - Jio New Offer
Whatsapp Jio phone

Whatsapp Jio phone will be rolled out slowly - Jio New Offer

During its 41st Annual General Meeting, Reliance announced that both Jiophone and Jio phone 2 will be dedicated to Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger and YouTube App. The company said that all three apps will be available in Jiostore to download users. Whatsapp and YouTube had to do on their August 15 Jiostore launch. However, it seems that users will have to wait a bit more to use WhatsApp and YouTube on the forum.Download whatsapp for jio phone.

Whatsapp Jio phone (OTA) updates

We have learned that the company will rotate both the YouTube and WhatsApp messenger devices into batches. One reason for this is the large user base of Jio phones, which is approximately 25 million. It seems that Jio is taking a slow and steady approach to roll out. The company has said that both apps will be excluded as over-the-air (OTA) updates. jio phone whatsapp support.

Jio phone whatsapp download

All Jio phone users can now download the YouTube app from the Jio App Store from Wednesday, and when WhatsApp install support for the Jio Phone will be added soon. However, it will be rolled into batches. This means that all the Jio Phone users will not be able to initially use WhatsApp. The Jio Phone is finally getting the Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps app, while a much more predictable Whatsapp will be reached soon.

Reliance Jio first confirmed that YouTube support for Jio Phone will be available from August 15, while Facebook was made available at the same time. Whatsapp was one of the most sought-after apps for Jio phone users, is a bit late. During the 41st AGM of RIL, Mukesh Ambani said, "With our additional capabilities, our extended network has reached across India and a strong retail presence across India, the goal has now been set for our Jio team that this Jio Phone platform Enable 100 million users in the shortest possible time ".

At the Reliance 41st AGM, RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani confirmed that WhatsApp will be available for the Jio phone from August 15.
However, it seems that support for Whatsapp for the KaiOs will not be announced shortly. Last year, the first 4G-enabled feature phone, released by Reliance, will receive support for most apps like Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps.

Jio phone whatsapp install

However, the estimated Whatsapp support will soon reach the feature phone, Jio Phone. According to the company's confirmation, the Jio Phone will soon get Whatsapp install which has been announced so far. Jio phone 2 is also getting support for WhatsApp install. Jio phone 2 is going to the company's website and MyJio app on Thursday at 12 o'clock in the morning.

Jio Phone 2 Features 

The successor of the original Jio phone includes a physical Qwerty keypad and a 2.4-inch display with dual SIM support. In addition, popular social media apps such as Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps have been made available on August 15 as promised by Jio phone.

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