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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Reliance Jio Monsoon Hungama offer - Exchange at Rs 501

Jio New Offer - The Reliance Jio Monsoon Hungama offer is now live where the old 2017 version of Jio Phone will be available under the exchange offer scheme. Under this deal, people can exchange their old feature phones for a new Jiophone at an effective price of Rs 501. Jiophone users can take advantage of a special part of the transaction as well as the offer at this Monsoon .

The company claims that users who pay 501 rupees will be fully refundable after three years, which brings Jio Phone effectively for free. In the company's annual general meeting last month, Mukesh Ambani had announced the offer of Jio Monsoon Hungama offer, where Jiophone 2 was also announced. Jio has unveiled the initial preview for users, which is now live.

Reliance Jio on phone exchange @ Rs 501: How to claim a Jio monsoon Hungama Offer

Jio Monsoon Hungama offer

Jio Offer : Jiophone 501 offers can be availed at the offline retail store on any old 2G / 3G / 4G (non-volte) phone exchange. The old phone should be in a working condition and the charger should also be there. Instead of a new Jiophone , it needs to be handed over to the retailer. Those who choose exchange offers will also get a new live SIM with Jiophone .

People who want to continue their current number can choose mobile number portability (MNP). Once the MNP will complete the network of Jiophone , the Monsoon Hungama proposal will be activated.

JIO OFFER: Jio phone at Rs 501 on exchange: special recharge plan for Jiophone users

Free jio phone

Reliance Jio has launched a special Jiophone Recharge scheme under its Monsoon Hungama Offer. In order to avail unlimited voice calls and data for six months, Jiophone customers will have to recharge with a starting fee of Rs. 594 at the time of activation.

Jio Offer special exchange bonus :

A special exchange bonus of 6 GB data voucher of 101 rupees has also been unveiled for Jiophone users. Note that those who have decided to exchange Jiophone will also need to recharge 594.

"Currently 2 Jiophone plans are available: Rs 49 and Rs 153. Plan of Rs 49 is a one-way test scheme with 1 GB monthly data, while our highest sales plan provides 153 Rs 1.5 GB data / day. That is, there are some users who want less data and therefore should get the plan at a lower cost, so that we can get 99 free unlimited voice calls for 99 rupees, 99 GB with data / day and 300 SMS.

Jio phone at Rs 501 on exchange: How to check if old phone is eligible for exchange

Those interested in the Monsoon Hungama offer should ensure that their old mobile phone is in a position to work without any damaged or missing parts or broken / burnt parts. Feature phones sold in the last half year or January 1 2015 will be eligible for the exchange.

No 2G, 3G, 4G (non-volt) device, Jiophone or CDMA or operator lock device are not eligible for exchange offer. Note that the exchange requires only battery and charger with phone.

Jio Offer : Jiophone  at Rs 501 on exchange: things to carry for exchange

An old phone is required for exchange, but make sure there is a battery and charger too. Apart from this, users will have to take their base number to get a new live SIM for feature phones.

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