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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone : India ka Smartphone 2018

Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone : India ka Smartphone 2018

1. Price : Jio Phone 2 vs. Jio Phone

JIo Phone 2 price in India is fixed at Rs. 2,999 as part of an initial proposal. The sale of the new Smart Feature Phone will start from August 15, 2018. While other details have not been announced, we can expect that Geo has to book a booking for JIo Phone 2 at and Jio Offline Store.

Comparatively, the price of the live phone launched in India last year is about Rs. 1,500 However, Geo Phone is advertised as being effectively available to consider the fact that the amount is a refundable security deposit. The facility is available on phone and other Jio authorized offline outlets. In the announcement of AGM on Thursday, Reliance Jio also announced the new Geo Phone Monsoon Hangma offer, which is available to existing feature phone users with the new jio Phone. 501. This offer will be available from Pan-India on July 21.

Specifications: Jio Phone 2 vs. jio Phone

In the context of the specifications, there is no clear difference between the Geo Phone 2 and Geo Phone. Both of them have the same camera combination, RAM capacity, internal storage, display size and resolution, as well as battery size. When additional information such as processor and clock speed is available, we will update this location. Feature phones can definitely expect to be different dimensions and weight.

OS and Software : Jio Phone 2 vs. Jio Phone

Both jio2 and jio phones go on the kaiOS. Although most apps and functionality remain the same on both the handsets, Jio Phone 2 will get an app-off-the-box like YouTube and WhatsApp. That said, these two apps will soon be available for the original Jio phones starting on August 15 through the Jio App Store.

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